Thursday, August 11, 2011

First time for everything......

Here goes nothing..

What to write about? How should I go about expressing my feelings? Is it OK to EXPLODE on here? Or should I keep everything copacetic? From what I gathering there are MANY ways of keeping up a blog. You can write about food (The joys of cooking and different recipes, as well as the steps it takes to make your creation), your weight loss goals and the achievements you've made, or your family and everyday life.. But the question is what do I write about? Is my life so intriguing it will keep you coming back for more, or is this just for my sanity so I can let out all my built up emotions that I'm not "Allowed" to speak of?

I guess we will see where the day(s) take us, and what type of feelings will fill up the room on this page...

As for today we'll discuss..... Facebook.....

I'm addicted to a game called Cafe' world; some of you might know what I'm talking about, and for those of you who don't, I'm sure you think I have a little too much free time on my hands; so today unfortunately Facebook is having some "issues" because of Hackers I believe, and I'm unable to entertain myself and keep my sanity while completing my daily duties at work, which upsets me. NOT just because that is my "break" on the ass load paperwork I have to get through on a daily basis, but because all my food is going to be spoiled.. Yes I said it.. I'm worried that I'm not going to move up a level because of those stupid hackers,( Who cares if they took my identity, I want to Level Up. Damn you) and their selfish acts... You Bastards.. Thank you for making me have to go back and restart my catering job ALL OVER AGAIN.. You suck at life by the way!!.. Now on the UP SIDE of all this mess that those turd balls created, I had a chance to FINALLY get this blog thing started.. So if anything thank you Jerk Face Hackers for your meaningless acts, if it weren't for you I wouldn't have found time to finally put my blog together :)


  1. Make sure you keep it interesting so people will want to come back! :)

  2. I started my blog from being bored at work myself. it's nice being able to have a place outside of FB to really get my feelings and thoughts out. I think you will learn to love blogging.

  3. Nikki how do I follow you? When i go to your page it doesnt giver me that option.. Would that be because you use a different sure site ?

  4. Good luck! When you are on someones page, click follow in the top left of the page, or if they dont have that, copy their page link and go to your dashboard where the blogs you follow are, click 'ADD' and paste the URL.