Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Wonders

With the summer slowly coming to an end we are going out with a bang.. FAMILY Pictures this weekend, Whoa!!!  I have to say that I’m pretty stoked about taking them for a few reasons… Originally we were supposed to get them done a few months ago, but with Ben going away for a month and then coming home and injuring himself because he doesn’t know how to slide correctly ::: Put your hands UP (that’s all I have to say) :::: I’ve been postponing this shoot… But now that he has that horrific cast off his arm we FINALLY rescheduled them for this weekend.

(See what I mean, you can't hide that in any pictures.. It sticks out like a sore thumb (haha no pun intended).. Its Gross, and yes I had to sleep next to that for 7 weeks *frown*, so I'm allowed to call it whatever I want!.. The cast I mean, not his face.. I LOVE his face *smooches*)

So on top of waiting for Ben’s arm to heal we’ve also hoped that our little Irish muffin would be sitting up on her own by the time these pictures rolled around. And she IS!! YAY…

And you know what this means… Mommy gets all those Typical; playing in the sand, sitting in a field of flower; pictures.. Oh yes I am that lady and I want all those stereotypical shots.. :: no judgment ::

For the past two nights I’ve been going through all of her “cute” summer dresses and outfits and I’ve come up with 7 so far that I want her to be in for these pictures.. (Is that too much?) I know that I’m going/have to limit myself; but this is the girl who packs 4 bags for a 2day 1night stay in Delaware, so how do you expect me NOT to be perplexed on a discussion to this magnitude. I mean come on I’m going to have to look at these pictures for the REST OF MY LIFE. Therefore I’ve decided to just take a bag of outfits that are considered “Beach Attire” (that is where our pictures are being held at) and just go with the flow; if she ends up in 100 different outfits (I wouldn't do that to the photographer) so be it, but if I only get 1 or even 2 on her then, this mommy will be perfectly fine with it :: I HOPE ::

As for ME, I just got my hair cut (I waited WAAY to long; literally almost a year) for these pictures, and NOW I have no idea how to style it. Since I have a “Mommy-do” (as some of you might want to call it *love you*) I’m a puzzled on how I should style my new short do, So I look cute/sexy/attractive-do ; being a new mom and all; instead of a horrendous/appalling/I want to tear up all of these pictures and burn them in my back yard-DO.. You know ?? . I’ll be taking suggestions from anyone willing to hand them out (Although I’m sure it will be just like Scarlet’s outfits, and a spur of the moment idea will come to mind that I will end up going with)..  

Finishing this little blog up, I would just like to wish everyone a HAPPY FRIDAY J Enjoy your weekend wherever you end up being..


  1. I just want to point out that this line made me giggle "if she ends up in 100 different outfits (I wouldn't do that to the photographer) so be it." I laughed at it because you said you wouldn't do it tot he photographer and in my head I was thinking (But you would do it to Scarlie...your in for it child) lol!!

    *Love you* That is all! lol :)

  2. I would suggest a casual-carefree hairstyle since you're at the beach. No, not I just go outta bed 'casual' but something slightly polished. Put some volumizing mousse in and blow dry it with a round brush- easy-peasy, Mommy.

  3. I agree with Britt! There isn't much curling you can do with (what looks like) a pixie cut.